Projects : Year 2011 Household Travel Survey

Year 2011 Household Travel Survey
Caltrans and MPOs in the State conduct travel surveys every ten (10) years to obtain detailed information about the household socioeconomic characteristics and travel behavior of households statewide.  The purpose of the 2010 California Household Travel Survey (2010 CHTS) is to update the statewide database of household travel behavior that is used to estimate, model and forecast travel throughout the State.  The 2010 CHTS will provide short and long-distance trip information that will be used for the development of travel demand and land use models.  The 2010 CHTS data is essential to the development and calibration of regional travel demand models for transportation planning and to assist in the forecasting of greenhouse gas (GHG) and criteria pollutant emissions.
A primary goal of the 2010 CHTS program is to coordinate and/or combine the travel survey efforts by the State, MPOs, and Regional Transportation Planning Agencies (RTPAs) so as to benefit all.  This coordinated/combined effort will help ensure data consistency throughout the State and will better guarantee an efficient use of the pooled funds. The State, Caltrans, and regional agencies have organized a Steering Committee to guide the implementation of the 2010 CHTS.  A Steering Committee representing MPOs, RTPA’s, the California Association of Council of Governments (CALCOG), and various state agencies was organized to create the Scope of Work and Request for Proposal to retain a consultant to perform the technical aspects and implementation of the survey for the 2010 CHTS program.  To implement the survey, Caltrans engaged a competitive procurement process to acquire consultant services. As a result of this procurement, NuStats, LLC (NuStats) was selected to conduct the 2010 CHTS. SCAG also selected a Consultant (Abt-SRBI) to conduct additional surveys and gather additional detailed demographic and travel behavior data within the SCAG Region.