Projects : Imperial County Cross-Border Survey

Imperial County Cross-Border Survey
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SCAG hired Rea & Parker Research to provide consultative assistance to this endeavor and to develop a survey database of cross-border travel on weekdays and weekends by pedestrians, passenger vehicles, and commercial trucks. This database included the following cross-border characteristics, among others: 

  • Trip origin/destination (including geocoded SCAG region locations);
  • Trip purpose;
  • Travel Route;
  • Vehicle Type;
  • Trip Frequency; and
  • Traveler Characteristics. 
Also to be gathered were traffic counts that were conducted concurrently with the survey, including transportation mode classifications by quarter-hour and direction. The surveys and counts were performed at all Imperial County border crossings—Mexicali/Calexico Downtown, Calexico East, and Algodones (Andrade) … near Yuma, Arizona.
Surveys and counts were performed on selected weekdays and weekend days between February 5, 2007 and March 11, 2007. Counts were made for passenger vehicles, pedestrians, trucks, and buses northbound and southbound. Pedestrian surveys were administered northbound and southbound at Mexicali/Calexico Downtown and Algodones by interviewers who interviewed stopped vehicles passengers and pedestrians as they approached or just completed crossing the border. There were separate personnel assigned to count and to survey at each site. Truck surveys were administered northbound and southbound at Calexico East. Surveys were administered to passenger vehicles northbound and southbound at Mexicali/Calexico Downtown and northbound only at Calexico East and Algodones. The southbound surveys at Mexicali/Calexico Downtown were limited to rush hour periods and times when CALTRANS personnel could otherwise stop traffic. For other times at Mexicali/Calexico Downtown and at the other two crossings, southbound traffic moves unimpeded, making it impossible to conduct intercept surveys.