Projects : Year 2008 Screenline Count Project

Year 2008 Screenline Count Project

In preparation for the Year 2008 validation of the regional travel demand model of the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), a Regional Screenline Traffic Count Program was conducted to establish the validation traffic count dataset. This effort entailed obtaining and reviewing existing traffic counts taken by SCAG’s member governments and stakeholder agencies, prioritizing and collecting traffic count data needs, developing a regional traffic count database, and conducting an analysis of count data to apply annual, seasonal, and other factoring to prepare the counts for the validation effort. The Regional Screenline Traffic Count Program was conducted in 2009.

The final traffic count database prepared through this effort includes traffic counts by time-of-day, vehicle classification, and in some cases, occupancy for freeways and high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes in the six-county SCAG region. The focus of this effort was to establish validation counts for roadways that cross screenlines, although counts for non-screenline locations are included as well where data was available and resources provided. The final data includes adjusted 2008 average annual April/May/June traffic for all screenline locations by vehicle type and time period. For the Coachella Valley, peak season winter counts are also established.