Staff Contacts

SCAG maintains a team of dedicated staff of modeling professionals and demographers to develop and maintain SCAG’s Regional Model and databases; to conduct technical analysis for SCAG’s various plans, programs, and projects; and to provide member services to local jurisdictions and partners.  For questions or additional information on any of the models, data, or services provided by the Modeling and Forecasting department, please contact the lead staff for the program.

The following is a listing of Modeling Staff contacts for SCAG’s major modeling functions:

General & Administrative Questions​ Transportation Models​ Data & Modeling Requests
Guoxiong Huang, PhD
Manager of Modeling and Forecasting
(213) 236- 1948
Hsi-Hwa Hu, PhD
(213) 236- 1834
Cheryl Leising
(213) 236-1926
Subarea Growth Forecasting Subregional Modeling Land Use Modeling
Ying Zhou
(213) 236-1943​
Hsi-Hwa Hu, PhD
(213) 236-1834​
Sungbin Cho
(213) 236-1989​
Scenario Planning Models Modeling Task Force
JungA Uhm
(213) 236-1939​
Hsi-Hwa Hu, PhD
(213) 236-1834​​

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