Regional Comprehensive Plan

The Regional Comprehensive Plan is a major advisory plan prepared by SCAG that addresses important regional issues like housing, traffic/transportation, water, and air quality. The RCP serves as an advisory document to local agencies in the Southern California region for their information and voluntary use for preparing local plans and handling local issues of regional significance.

The Regional Comprehensive Plan (RCP) presents a vision of how Southern California can balance resource conservation, economic vitality, and quality of life. The RCP identifies voluntary best practices to approach growth and infrastructure challenges in an integrated and comprehensive way. It also includes goals and outcomes to measure our progress toward a more sustainable region.

Through extensive outreach and input from the RCP Task Force, SCAG's Policy Committees, local governments and other key stakeholders, the RCP is a collaborative effort to address our region's challenges and set a path forward.

The RCP includes nine chapters, each based on specific areas of planning or resource management.

The Final 2008 RCP is available for download by chapter or as one file. Please note that due to the large file size, we strongly recommend that you download it onto your computer before opening the file. All files are in Adobe Acrobat 8 PDF format.

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