SCAG Financial Transparency


FY18 Budget vs. Year-to-date Actual Expenditures

Each year, SCAG develops an Overall Work Program (OWP). This work program describes proposed transportation planning activities for the upcoming fiscal year. The OWP also includes those transportation planning activities and studies required by federal and state law and authorized by the Regional Council. These related planning studies address the overall social, economic and environmental effects of transportation decisions in the region. The percentage shown is the amount spent year-to-date in relation to the budget.

OWP Projects

Expended   Budget
Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) 71%
Congestion/Travel Demand Management 19%
System Preservation 81%
Transportation Finance 81%
Environmental Compliance 72%
Air Quality Planning and Conformity 83%
Federal Transportation Improvement Program 81%
Application Development 64%
GIS Development and Applications 83%
Active Transportation Planning 96%
Integrated Growth Forecasts 33%
Region Wide Data Collection & Analysis 76%
Southern California Economic Growth Strategy 33%
Corridor Planning 92%
Sustainability Program 65%
Transportation Land Use Planning 67%
GHG Adaptation Framework 40%
Regional Transportation Model Development & Maintenance 72%
Regional & Subregional Model Coordination Outreach 73%
Model Application and Analysis 77%
Scenario Planning and Growth Forecasting 97%
Performance Assessment & Monitoring 97%
Public Information & Communication 65%
Regional Transportation Plan Development Outreach 57%
Regional Outreach & Public Participation 70%
System-wide Emergency Earthquake Preparedness Planning 0%
Intelligent Transportation Systems Planning 62%
OWP Development & Administration 68%
Goods Movement 59%
Transit & Rail Planning 68%
Transit Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Plan 35%
Aviation Boulevard Multimodal Corridor Plan 65%
San Gabriel Valley Active Transportation Data Planning Project 64%
Active Streets LA - Pedestrian & Bicycle Friendly Streets
for South Los Angeles
Customer Based Ridesharing and Interconnectivity Study 63%
Huntington Drive Safe Streets Corridor Improvement Plan 20%
Los Angeles River Bikeway Feasibility Study 64%
I-105 Corridor Sustainability Study 19%
City of Santa Ana Active Transportation Plan 0%
Montclair Safe Routes to School Plan 0%
First-Mile Last-Mile Connectivity Study for Naval Base Ventura County 1%
Mobility Innovations and Pricing 0%
Westside Mobility Study Update 0%
Paths to Clean Vehicle Technology and Alternative Fuels Implementation in San Bernardino County 0%
Calexico West Point of Entry (POE) Expansion Special Project with ICTC 0%
Southern California Regional Climate Adaptation Framework 0%
ADA Paratransit Demand Forecast 0%
Partnership for Sustainability 64%
Cap and Trade 59%
Comprehensive Monitoring 56%
Scenario Planning & Local Input: Pathways to the 2020 RTP/SCS 82%
Integrated Sustainability Program 20%
Sustainability/GRI 51%
Open Space Strategic Plan 94%
Public Health 72%
Southern California Active Transportation Safety & Encouragement 17%
San Gabriel Valley Active Transportation Planning Initiative 34%
Comparative Analysis of Existing Bike Share Programs in Los Angeles County 0%
Aviation System Planning 24%
Express Travel Choices 18%
Locally Funded Projects 51%
Clean Cities Coalition 88%
FTA 5339 Program and Support Administration 58%
FTA 5337 Program and Support Administration 13%
Metro-Foothill Section 5312 LoNo Emission Deployment Program 0%
SB1 SCAG Sustainability Planning Grant Program 0%
Future Communities Partnership Grant Program: Phase 1 0%
Future Communities Study 0%
Regional Data Platform 0%
SB1 Program Administration 6%
SCS Scenario Development and Outreach 0%
Mobility Innovations & Incentives – Revealed Preference Demonstration Study 0%
Mobility Innovations & Incentives – Equity Analysis 0%
Integrated Passenger and Freight Rail Forecast 0%
Housing Monitoring for SCS 5%