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The role of the Community, Economic and Human Development Committee is to study problems, programs and other matters which pertain to the regional issues of community, economic and human development and growth. This committee reviews projects, plans and programs of regional significance for consistency and conformity with applicable regional plans.

The CEHD Committee has oversight of the Growth Visioning and Growth Forecasting processes, as well as the Regional Housing Needs Assessment, the Intergovernmental Review effort and the monitoring and analysis of the Regional Economy.

Agendas and related documents for SCAG Regional Council and Policy Committee Meetings are available here. For agendas older than 24 months, please contact:

Staff Contact

Tess Rey-Chaput
(213) 236-1908

Next Meeting
Thu September 06,2018 (10:00 AM to 12:00 PM)
@ SCAG Main Office

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