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SCAG Committee is to study problems, programs and other matters which pertain to the regional issues of community, economic and human development and growth. This committee reviews projects, plans and programs of regional significance for consistency and conformity with applicable regional plans.

Note: These meetings will not convene in person. All meetings will be teleconference-only until further notice.

Executive Administration Committee

Regional Council

General Assembly

Community, Economic and Human Development Committee

Energy and Environment Committee

Transportation Committee

Joint Meeting

Emerging Technologies Committee

The Emerging Technologies Committee will research and identify new and emerging technologies that play an important role in the RTP/SCS; and for the... Learn More >>

Legislative / Communications & Membership Committee

The Legislative/Communications and Membership Committee provides guidance and recommendations to the Regional Council regarding legislative matters... Learn More >>

Audit Committee

Bylaws & Resolutions Committee

Nominating Committee

RHNA Subcommittee

Aviation Technical Advisory Committee

The Aviation Technical Advisory Committee (ATAC) is a group of aviation professionals who meet monthly in an effort to provide SCAG with technical... Learn More >>

Regional Planning Working Groups

Regional Transit Technical Advisory Committee

The Regional Transit Technical Advisory Committee (RTTAC), made up of representatives from the Region's transit operators, provides a forum for... Learn More >>

Modeling Task Force

Technical Working Group

Transportation Conformity Working Group