Grants Details

Active Transportation Program (ATP)
This Grant will expire on May 21, 2014

​The applicant for Active Transportation Program funds assumes responsibility and accountability for the use and expenditure of program funds. Applicants must be able to comply with all the federal and state laws, regulations, policies and procedures required to enter into a Local Administering Agency-State Master Agreement (Master Agreement). Refer to Chapter 4, Agreements, of the Local Assistance Procedures Manual for guidance and procedures on Master Agreements. The following entities, within the State of California, are eligible to apply for Active Transportation Program funds:

• Local, Regional or State Agencies- Examples include city, county, MPO*, and Regional Transportation Planning Agency.

• Caltrans*

• Transit Agencies - Any agency responsible for public transportation that is eligible for funds under the Federal Transit Administration.

• Natural Resource or Public Land Agencies - Federal, Tribal, State, or local agency responsible for natural resources or public land administration Examples include:

o State or local park or forest agencies

o State or local fish and game or wildlife agencies

o Department of the Interior Land Management Agencies

o U.S. Forest Service​