Grants Details

Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Funding Opportunities
This Grant will expire on September 26, 2014

Most entities interested in implementing alternative fuel refueling station projects within the SCAQMD jurisdiction are welcome to participate in the Program. Eligible applicants include, but are not necessarily restricted to:
Infrastructure developers and alternative fuel providers; Fleet operators, both public and private, including fleets participating in the SCAQMD Carl Moyer Program; School districts seeking assistance for new compressed natural gas refueling station development; Project teaming by multiple stakeholders, such as real property owners working in partnership with infrastructure providers or fleet operators, joint powers authorities, limited liability partnerships, etc., are eligible to participate. The MSRC does require, however, that a single prime contractor and contract signatory be designated at the time of application submission. Please note: the MSRC also requires the applicant to be the entity that will own the fueling equipment;

The MSRC Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Program offers incentives for a range of infrastructure types, including fast-fill stations, slow or time-fill stations, and limited-fill refueling apparatus. The expansion of existing operational stations to accommodate growing throughput needs is also eligible, except that commercial entities whose business is the construction, operation, maintenance, or sale of fuel are not eligible to seek funding for the expansion or upgrade of their own stations, as these entities have an economic interest in keeping their own stations in an operable condition with sufficient throughput capacity. Projects must use new refueling station components - The relocation of existing alternative fuel refueling stations, or the reuse of components or equipment from existing stations, is prohibited. Furthermore, exclusively private-access stations are not eligible for funding under this Program. Applications must identify at least one anchor fleet to use the station, and indicate the base number of vehicles committed to fuel at the station and/or the base throughput from that fleet. Applications for station upgrades must provide documentation that the proposed project will result in increased station utilization and increased alternative fuel throughput.

The amount of MSRC Clean Transportation Funding™ allocated for the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Program is $7,500,000. The MSRC has established a Geographical Funding Minimum for each county within the SCAQMD. The geographical funding minimum amount has been set at $500,000 per county. This funding set-aside guarantees a minimum level of funding for each county to implement alternative fuel infrastructure projects.​