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Presentation on planning and implementation strategies for active transportation by Brian Ludicke, Planning Director for the City of Lancaster … air emission reductions, climate change concerns, etc) Connect the …
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http://www.compassblueprint.org/Documents/Toolbox Tuesday Lancaster_Ludicke.pdf

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Brawley Downtown Specific Plan Final Report … .3-27 6-1 Existing Land Uses …
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http://www.compassblueprint.org/Documents/CBResources/Brawley Downtown Specific Plan Report.pdfView duplicates

Calimesa Creek Master Plan Final Report … 9Figure 2. Alternative 1: Seasonally Dry Stream … 14Figure 3. Alternative 2: Recirculated Stream … 15Figure 4. Alternative 3: Culvert Channel Options … 16Figure 5. Creek Design Scenario 1 … 22Figure 6. Creek Design Scenario 2 …
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LA Urban Design Studio Park 101 Phase 1 Final Report … PA R K 1 0 1 D I S T R I C T F E A S I B I L I T Y S T U DY a u g u s t 2 0 1 0PARK 101 DISTRICT Freeway Cap Feasibility Study QUOTES FROM PARK 101: EDAW|AECOM LOS ANGELES INTERN PROGRAM 2008 BOOK This …
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Moreno Valley Alessandro Vision Plan Phase 1 Final Report … Vision Plan Prepared For: The City of Moreno Valley, CA Alessandro Boulevard Corridor 30 June 2010 View to east of Activity Node at intersection of Alessandro Boulevard at Frederick Street showing …
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San Bernardino Regional Energy Efficiency Program Final Report …
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SBCCOG Vision for a Sustainable South Bay … Presentation Content 1. Growth Challenges 2. Legislative Context 3. South Bay Planning 4. Mobility Analysis 5. Development Models 6. Land Use Analysis 7. Economic Analysis 8. Next Steps 9. Resources Agenda1 …
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Ventura Civic Alliance Sustainable Ventura Phase 1 … Phase One: A Compact for a Sustainable Ventura County Compass Blueprint Demonstration Project February 2008 Managing Growth Protecting the Environment and agriculture meeting housing needs improving …
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Victorville Non-Motorized Plan Final Report …
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