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SCAG is the nation's largest metropolitan planning organization, representing six counties, 191 cities and more than 18 million residents. SCAG undertakes a variety of planning and policy initiatives to encourage a more sustainable Southern California …
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Above Water: Adapting to Climate Change in Southern California Join … an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Discussion … will include: Climate change impacts on local communities, risk …
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Land Use and Climate Change (New Planning Methods and …
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SCAG’s State of the Region Report includes summary information … learn more about the State of the Region program objectives, Benchmarks Task … SCAG State of The Region 2007 - Executive Summary … SCAG State of The Region 2007 - Kim Haselhoff, Ph.D. and Paul …
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http://www.scag.ca.gov/NewsAndMedia/Pages/State of The Region.aspx

Membership Committee 17th 2013 State of the Region Inland …
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of views on global climate change during today’s joint meeting of … for a discussion on climate change and associated policy responses … Christmas Day www.scag.ca.gov Climate Change Panelists: Louise Bedsworth …
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long-term goals to combat climate change. The discussion draft includes …
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