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2012-2035 RTP/SCS 6.0 Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program Final PEIR taha 2010-086 6-1 The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires that an agency adopt a Mitigation Monitoring or Reporting Program (MMRP) prior to approving a project …
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http://www.scag.ca.gov/programs/Documents/2012-2035 RTPSCS Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program.pdf

DISCUSSION DRAFT April 13, 2015 1 2016 RTP/SCS PUBLIC HEALTH ANALYSIS FRAMEWORK EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Unlike the field of medicine, public health does not focus on individual patients or the treatment of particular diseases. Rather, the goals of public …
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SCAG is responsible for fulfilling certain state and federal requirements, including, among others, those applicable requirements related to federal Transportation Conformity Regulations, air … Arrowhead Symposium: Global Climate Change, Local Growing Pains …
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Get the latest information on SCAG’s Southern California Economic Recovery & Job Creation Strategy, the annual Economic Summit and regional Economic and Demographic Data, along with analysis … Arrowhead Symposium: Global Climate Change, Local Growing Pains …
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Housing and Land Use are essential components of effective regional transportation planning. SCAG’s efforts in planning and policy development include providing a forum for policy dialogue … Arrowhead Symposium: Global Climate Change, Local Growing Pains …
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The Southern California Association of Governments maintains a State and Federal Legislative Program, which consists of the Regional Council's positions on policies and legislative … Arrowhead Symposium: Global Climate Change, Local Growing Pains …
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SCAG’s Sustainability Program works actively with Southern California communities and stakeholders to create a dynamic regional … Arrowhead Symposium: Global Climate Change, Local Growing Pains … community on how climate change might affect California at the …
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As the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura Counties, SCAG is mandated by the federal government to … Arrowhead Symposium: Global Climate Change, Local Growing Pains …
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Only project update; The project scope has not been changed … (It was determined that this was not a POAQC at the September 2006 TCWG meeting) … PM Conformity Hot Spot Analysis – Project Summary for Interagency Consultation Version 4.0 August 1, 2007 RTIP ID …
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http://www.scag.ca.gov/programs/TCWG Document Library/ORA125 Jan 12/4.1-3 ORA125.pdf

Not a POAQC - Hot Spot analysis not required. … AIR QUALITY REPORT RECHE VISTA DRIVE REALIGNMENT FROM PERRIS BOULEVARD … impacts and global climate change impacts associated with the … long-term operational global climate change impacts; and, • An analysis …
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http://www.scag.ca.gov/programs/TCWG Document Library/RIV011210 Aug 09/Item4.7-1RIV011210Attachment.pdf