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Climate Change … On April 7, 2016, SCAG's Regional Council adopted the 2016 RTP/SCS, a long-range visioning plan that balances future mobility and housing needs with economic, environmental and public health goals. … As part of the 2012 RTP/SCS, SCAG committed …
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SCAG Report - Climate Change & The Future of Southern … datetime;#2013-04-16T21:34:30Z … ASSOCIATION OF GOVERNMENTS CLIMATE CHANGE and the FUTURE of …
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http://sustain.scag.ca.gov/Sustainability Portal Document Library/ClimateChange_Full_lores.pdfView duplicates

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Climate Change … Clean, stable and sustainable sources of energy for Southern California are critical to supporting a healthy and resilient region. In developing future plans, SCAG must fully weigh and consider energy supply, efficiency, consumption and …
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Various resource maps for the region can be found on this page. Scroll down to view our interactive maps which include the Southern California PEV Atlas and the SCAG edition of MapCollaborator for open space resources. … Climate Change
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global issues such as climate change. Assessing the region’s performance is … i v e S u m m a r y The State of the Region 2007 focuses on the performance of …
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Outlines a regional natural resource conservation approach that accounts for impacts and improvements in a consistent manner across all habitats and landscapes. … datetime;#2015-02-19T18:13:40Z … 12 Step 3 – Develop a Species List … 31 Climate Change Adaptation …
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http://sustain.scag.ca.gov/Sustainability Portal Document Library/SCAG Final Conservation Framework Assessment_Feb.pdfView duplicates

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SCAG is committed to highlighting excellent and planning efforts from local agencies in sustainability. These projects are the integral to carrying out the goals and policies of the 2012-2035 RTP … Addresses climate change through GHG emission reduction of …
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AT RISK V E N T U R A C O U N T Y ’ S S a v e O p e n -s p a c e & A g r i c u l t u r a l R e so u r c e s OPEN SPACE AND FARMLANDSAcknowledgments The Greenbelt Alliance in the San Francisco Bay area provided the original inspiration for this project …
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http://sustain.scag.ca.gov/Documents/At Risk Report.pdf

Green Region Initiative • Addresses climate change through GHG emission …
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In 2012, the Southern California Association of Governments led a collaborative process to prepare Southern California for the anticipated influx of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) in the region, which could be as high as 700,000 by 2022 … Climate Change
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