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City of San Gabriel Greening the Code Prepared by: In association with: Code Analysis and Assessment Report July 2012 Mia Lehrer + Associates, Landscape Architecture Table of Contents Executive Summary … 50! Appendix A: Stakeholder Interview Summary! City …
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http://sustain.scag.ca.gov/Documents/San Gabriel_Greening the Code.pdf

datetime;#2013-06-13T22:53:40Z … Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Impact Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Policy Options for the Southern California Climate and Economic Development Project (CEDP) Final Report Prepared for The Southern California …
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http://sustain.scag.ca.gov/Sustainability Portal Document Library/12-30-12_SCAG_CEDP_Final_Report.pdfView duplicates

Sustainability Framework WRCOG December 2012 Prepared for: Western Riverside Council of Governments 4080 Lemon Street, 3rd Floor MS 1032 Riverside, CA 92501 957.955.7985 Prepared By: The Planning Center|DC&E 3 MacArthur Place Santa Ana, CA 92707 714.966 …
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Various resource maps for the region can be found on this page. Scroll down to view our interactive maps which include the Southern California PEV Atlas and the SCAG edition of MapCollaborator for open space resources. … Climate Change
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In 2012, the Southern California Association of Governments led a collaborative process to prepare Southern California for the anticipated influx of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) in the region, which could be as high as 700,000 by 2022 … Climate Change
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Outlines a regional natural resource conservation approach that accounts for impacts and improvements in a consistent manner across all habitats and landscapes. … datetime;#2015-02-19T18:13:40Z … 12 Step 3 – Develop a Species List … 31 Climate Change Adaptation …
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http://sustain.scag.ca.gov/Sustainability Portal Document Library/SCAG Final Conservation Framework Assessment_Feb.pdfView duplicates

An in-depth report on TDRs from Resources for the Future … datetime;#2013-04-17T20:09:42Z … Transfer of Development Rights in U.S. Communities evaluating program design, implementation, and outcomes Margaret Walls Resources for the Future Virginia McConnell …
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http://sustain.scag.ca.gov/Sustainability Portal Document Library/RFF Walls_McConnell_Sep_07_TDR_Report.pdfView duplicates

IBI Group in association with MSA Consulting, Inc. | Noble & Company, LLC ENERGY PARKS AS INTERIM USES FOR TRANSIT STATIONS Final Report June 26, 2012 Southern California Association of Governments Rancho Mirage, CACity of Rancho Mirage ENERGY PARKS AS …
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datetime;#2014-10-14T18:11:54Z … behavioral ecology, climate change effectsRahn, MattSan Diego …
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datetime;#2014-02-25T21:16:47Z … Green Region Initiative · Addresses climate change through GHG emission …
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