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Climate Change … 2017 Active Transportation Call for Proposals … The Sustainability Planning Grant Program (formerly known as Compass Blueprint Grant Program) was established as an innovative vehicle for promoting local jurisdictional efforts to test local …
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http://sustain.scag.ca.gov/Pages/Grants and Local Assistance/GrantsLocalAssistance.aspx

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coming century, some climate change studies, such as the 2009 … Click here for Adaptation and Climate Change Resources. … Climate change mitigation means reducing or sequestering … for the unavoidable impacts of climate change. Over …
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Climate Change … 2017 Active Transportation Call for Proposals … Additional water resources will be needed to meet the growing population and economy of the SCAG region. Sufficient water supplies are needed to meet these future water demands. In addition …
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Climate Change … 2017 Active Transportation Call for Proposals … Problems of traffic congestion and air pollution are not new to this region. Residents have experienced the costs of congestion in time and dollars and often in terms of health effects as well …
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Green Region Initiative V2.0 – Sustainability Indicators … This tool tracks the sustainability progress of all cities and counties in the SCAG region on 25 sustainability topics. It can be … offers a view of how climate change might affect California at the …
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2017 Active Transportation Call for Proposals … Climate Change Resources … SCAG Solid and Hazardous Waste Management … Climate Change & The Future of Southern California … Southern California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Atlas …
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The successful implementation of the RTP/SCS allows future residents to enjoy a better quality of life than we do today, including the ability to lead a healthy and prosperous lifestyle, enjoy clean air and water, and ample opportunities … Climate Change
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SCAG welcomes input and questions from our public, stakeholders and members. For information regarding SCAG in general, please contact the following or use the online contact form below. … Climate Change … 2017 Active Transportation Call for Proposals …
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Welcome to the SCAG Sustainability Program Document Library. … Here you can browse and filter by Keyword(s) or Completed Date. You can sort by column headers by clicking on them. … Climate Change … 2017 Active Transportation Call for Proposals …
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In 2012, the Southern California Association of Governments led a collaborative process to prepare Southern California for the anticipated influx of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) in the region, which could be as high as 700,000 by 2022 … Climate Change
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