SCAG’s Aviation Program

SCAG's Aviation Program functions as an advocate for airports and is responsible for developing long term regional aviation plans as well as passenger demand, cargo, and operation forecasting for all airports in the SCAG region. The aviation section is also responsible for researching aviation issues that affect Southern California as well as developing the aviation element of the Regional Transportation Plan, staffing the Aviation Technical Advisory Committee, and providing input to the Transportation Committee.

Aviation Technical Advisory Committee

The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) Aviation Technical Advisory Committee (ATAC) is a group of aviation professionals who meet regularly in an effort to provide SCAG with technical and professional expertise on regional aviation issues. ATAC also serves as an information-sharing forum for airport representatives, aviation professionals, and interested parties. ATAC provides recommendations to SCAG staff on industry standards.

Aviation Statistics & Analysis
Explore historical and current data from each SCAG commercial airport. Air passengers, tons of air cargo and aircraft operations information is collected on a monthly basis (and compiled annually).
Aviation Reports
Learn more about how not only SCAG airports, but other regions are solving their long-range planning challenges.
ATAC Meeting Agendas
Find out the time, location and content of the next ATAC meeting. Meeting agendas are typically posted about 14 days in advance.
Airport Links
Detailed information about many of our airports can be found on their websites.