Federal Priorities

Capitol BuildingSCAG's 2015 Federal Legislative Priorities described below are the recommendations arising from the Legislative/Communications & Membership Committee and stakeholder input at the 2014 Southern California Economic Recovery & Job Creation Summit that build upon the agency's prior Regional Council-approved legislative objectives and achievements from previous State legislative sessions to continue to advance policies that will be most effective to expedite project delivery, increase funding for transportation, and create jobs and initiate economic recovery throughout the region.

Support legislative efforts offering a balanced consideration of revenue measures to address the State’s systemic funding deficit, both to establish new sources of statewide funding for the transportation infrastructure as well as to return to transportation those revenues that previously have been diverted to other purposes. Protect all new sources of transportation from borrowing or use for any purpose other than transportation. Support a regional equity component or consideration to additional revenues from any source to ensure that Southern California receives its fair share of funding based upon population, burden, and other quantifiable measures that correspond with the funding source. Support legislation that ensures funding of ‘fix-it-first’ and maintenance of good repair expenditures to address the multi-billion dollar need to repair and maintain the existing infrastructure. Support dedicated, secure funding to state highways, streets, and local roads to support the maintenance and rehabilitation of the state and local road projects and transit systems. Support measures to ensure drivers’ privacy and disallow penalties to drivers in connection with proposals to establish a mileage-based user fee, vehicle miles travelled fee/tax or other like proposals.