Linking Planning & NEPA

On-Line Resources for Linking Planning and NEPA

The FHWA Environmental Review Toolkitwebsite is a comprehensive source for best practices in linking planning and environmental analysis. The Planning and Environment Linkages (PEL) section contains a catalog of case studies on effective practices for Long-Range Planning, Corridor Planning, and Linking Planning and NEPA.

The Colorado Department of Transportation has developed an interactive Linking Planning and NEPA Training website. This on-line training provides useful guidance to integrate NEPA information into statewide and regional transportation planning processes. The training also takes the participant step by step through the contents of a potential corridor or area plan to illustrate and describe how information typically related to a NEPA process can be effectively incorporated into the planning process.

The Idaho Corridor Planning and NEPA Integration Guide (2004) describes five different approaches to integrating planning and NEPA – ranging from a fully integrated corridor plan, where NEPA is part of the work effort, to a precorridor planning/NEPA approach for projects that have not been designated as part of a corridor plan.


Source: Colorado Department of Transportation