The Southern California Association of Governments maintains a State and Federal Legislative Program, which consists of the Regional Council's positions on policies and legislative initiatives related to SCAG’s core planning and policy areas—transportation, air quality, freight/goods movement, housing, environmental impact, sustainability, and economic recovery and job creation—that need the leadership and support of Congress and the California State legislature to resolve challenges facing the SCAG region.

SCAG’s legislative efforts are the product of a bottoms-up process whereby the Legislative/Communications & Membership Committee, comprised of elected officials from throughout the region, identifies and recommends specific legislative action for consideration by the Regional Council with respect to state and federal legislation affecting the SCAG region. The Regional Council takes formal legislative positions and directs the agency’s advocacy efforts on all legislative matters.​​

Upcoming Events & Meetings


LA CoMotion Conference and Festival

Nov 15, 2017; All Day Event
@ Los Angeles, California

Legislative / Communications and Membership Committee

Nov 21, 2017; 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
@ SCAG Main Office

Thanksgiving Day Holiday

Nov 23, 2017; All Day Event
@ SCAG Offices Are Closed
News and Announcements
PRESS RELEASE: Ventura County falls into recession after weakest 3 years since the '90s; details to be released at Southern California Economic Summit
Posted November 09, 2017
Ventura County suffered a significant recession in 2016, capping off a three-year period of weak...
PRESS RELEASE: Inland Empire nearing 300,000 new jobs since 2011; details to be released at Southern California Economic Summit
Posted November 09, 2017
The Inland Empire is fast approaching 300,000 jobs created since 2011, led by continued strong...

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