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Active Transportation Program (ATP) Grants

The Active Transportation Program (ATP) was created by Senate Bill 99 (Chapter 359, Statutes of 2013) and Assembly Bill 101 (Chapter 354, Statutes of 2013) to encourage increased use of active modes of transportation. The purpose of ATP is to encourage increased use of active modes of transportation by achieving the following goals:

  • Increase the proportion of trips accomplished by biking and walking
  • Increase safety and mobility for non-motorized users
  • Advance the active transportation efforts of regional agencies to achieve Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction goals, pursuant to SB 375 (of 2008) and SB 341 (of 2009)
  • Enhance public health
  • Ensure that disadvantaged communities fully share in the benefits of the program
  • Provide a broad spectrum of projects to benefit many types of active transportation users.

The Public Health Alliance of Southern California has developed this generic guide to help prospective applicants in finding data for this question.

The Active Transportation Resource Center (ATRC) provides resources, technical assistance, and training to transportation planners to increase the success of active transportation projects.

Health Department Contacts and Resources for ATP Grants

County Name Title Email Address Phone


Janette Angulo

Community Health Deputy Director

(442) 265-1336

Los Angeles

PLACE Program, Alexis Lantz

Senior Policy Strategist

(213) 351-3129


Tamarra Jones

Division Manager

(714) 567-6225


Marsie Huling

Program Coordinator II

(951) 358-5557

San Bernardino

County of San Bernardino, Department of Public Health, Data and Epidemiology

Data and Epidemiology

(909) 522-2235


Ventura County Health Care Agency

(805) 981-5101

Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC)

The Strategic Growth Council's Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program (AHSC) builds healthier communities and protects the environment by increasing the supply of affordable places to live near jobs, stores, transit, and other daily needs. Personal vehicle use is, by far, the most significant source of greenhouse gas emissions in California. AHSC reduces these emissions by funding projects that make it easier for residents to get out of their cars and walk, bike, or take public transit.

AHSC provides funding for affordable housing developments (new construction or renovation) and transportation infrastructure. This may include sustainable transportation infrastructure, such as new transit vehicles, sidewalks, and bike lanes; transportation-related amenities, such as bus shelters, benches, or shade trees; and other programs that encourage residents to walk, bike, and use public transit. For more information about the AHSC Program, please visit this website.

Sustainability Program Funding

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) provides a search tool to navigate funding for sustainable programs. The Funding Wizard combs the internet on a weekly basis for funding opportunities to help support a sustainable future. To access the Funding Wizard click here.

Grant Opportunities

The federal government has grant opportunities. You may access them at