Studies in Progress

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Regionally Significant Transportation Investment Studies (RSTIS)

SCAG’s Regionally Significant Transportation Investment Studies (RSTIS) Coordination Process provides a forum for coordination and discussion around the preparation of major corridor studies to ensure that regional partners are informed regarding major corridor studies and area plans, that major corridor studies and area plans include consideration of how projects support regional goals and objectives, and that major corridor studies and area plans are prepared in a manner consistent with recent federal guidance and state legislation. Sponsors of major transportation projects should participate in the RSTIS process by contacting the RSTIS Coordinator listed on the bottom of this page upon the initiation of a RSTIS.

For more information regarding RSTIS, please review the RSTIS Coordination Process adopted by SCAG's Regional Council in September 2010.

Partner Studies in Progress

High Desert Corridor - Metro/Caltrans

High Desert Corridor - Metro/Caltrans  The High Desert Corridor (HDC) project is considering construction of a new multi-modal link between State Route (SR)-14 in Los Angeles County and SR-18 in San Bernardino County. This project would connect some of the fastest growing residential, commercial and industrial areas in Southern California, including the cities of Palmdale, Lancaster, Adelanto, Victorville and the Town of Apple Valley. While recent economic conditions have slowed growth throughout California, projections show that there will be significant growth in the HDC area again in the future.