Modeling Task Force

The Modeling Task Force provides the Region’s various modeling agencies a forum to share model related information and new ideas. The Modeling Task Force is also used as a conduit for public outreach, giving members an opportunity to review and provide guidance over SCAG’s modeling program. The Modeling Task Force provides members a mechanism to coordinate the Region’s various modeling programs, enabling members to benefit from the modeling efforts of others, promotes teaming on joint work projects, and helps to avoid costly duplication of effort. The Modeling Task Force also serves as a vehicle for discussing and resolving regional technical modeling issues.

The Modeling Task Force provides a vital linkage between SCAG’s Regional Modeling Program and the modeling efforts of other public and private agencies. A primary goal of the Modeling Task Force is to work in concert with other modeling partners to promote the use of standardized model inputs, model assumptions, and model methodologies. A consistent and well-coordinated region-wide modeling approach effectively manages scarce modeling resources while reducing conflicts caused by the use of inconsistent modeling results.


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KiHong Kim, PhD
Tel. (213) 236-1914