SCAG Financial Transparency


Membership Dues

The Bylaws require the Executive Director to annually submit the the General Fund (GF) budget to the Regional Council. Upon its adoption, the General Assembly (GA) fixes membership assessment for all members of the Association in amounts sufficient to provide the funds required by the GF budget.

Budget staff prepares proposed GF budget and submits it to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for review. The GF budget is submitted to the CFO in sufficient time to allow the items to be placed on the agendas for approval by the RC and the GA.

Member dues are calculated in accordance with the guidelines of the Bylaws.

Adopted Dues Assessment

  • FY19: $2,053,962
  • FY18: $1,947,303
  • FY17: $1,947,181
  • FY16: $1,922,576

General Fund Adopted Budget Expenditures

  • FY19: $2,610,612
  • FY18: $3,738,803
  • FY17: $3,455,893
  • FY16: $2,889,182