Public & Stakeholders

The public plays a key role in every aspect of SCAG’s regional planning efforts. SCAG provides information, timely public notice and access to key decisions to support early and continuing public involvement in developing its regional plans. There are a variety of ways to learn more and become involved:
Citizen Review & Feedback
SCAG develops regional plans and programs in collaboration with local governments and stakeholders; circulates the draft versions of the Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy, the Federal Transportation Improvement Program, Overall Work Program and other regional initiatives; and provides time for public review and comment prior to finalizing them.

Upcoming Events


I-105 Corridor Sustainability Study Community Event

Dec 20, 2018; 6:00 PM-9:00 PM
@ City of Hawthorne’s Winter Wonderland, Memorial Park, 3901 W El Segundo Blvd, Hawthorne CA

Christmas Day

Dec 25, 2018; All Day Event
@ SCAG Offices Are Closed

New Year's Day

Jan 01, 2019; All Day Event
@ SCAG Offices Are Closed