Single Committee

The Regional Planning Working Groups (RPWG) function as a forum for SCAG staff to engage stakeholders in the development and implementation of plans and policies to advance region’s mobility, economy, and sustainability. Areas of focus include: Active Transportation; Environmental Justice; New Mobility; Natural Lands Conservation; Public Health; Sustainable Communities; and Transportation Safety.

A few notes regarding participation in the meetings:

  • RPWG meetings are structured as open public forums for information sharing only.
  • RPWG participants do not vote or take positions on any policy issues.
  • SCAG staff organize and manage the meetings, with no formal chair or assigned roles for participants.
  • Meetings are open to the public and may include participation from peer stakeholders and staff from state, regional, and local agencies, non-profit organizations, local universities, and the business community.
  • RPWG meetings will be held monthly at SCAG’s Los Angeles Office (video-conferencing/teleconferencing will be available) through the development of the 2020 RTP/SCS.
  • RPWG meetings will be held for 2-3 hours following the Technical Working Group meeting, which is generally held on the third Thursday of each month.

Future Meetings

Note: These meetings will not convene in person. All meetings will be teleconference-only until further notice.

Thursday, August 13, 2020
Joint Meeting of the Active Transportation and Transportation Safety Working Groups

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