Board & Committees

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SCAG committees provide opportunities for involvement in regional programs. A number of subcommittees, task forces, and working groups report to the standing committees responsible for policy direction and review, while others are established on an ad hoc basis to assist with specific projects.

Executive Administration Committee

The Executive Administration Committee is responsible for developing policy recommendations to the Regional Council on administration, human... Learn More >>

Regional Council

The Regional Council is SCAG’s 86-member governing board. Membership is comprised of local elected officials representing the six counties and 191... Learn More >>

Joint Meeting

General Assembly

At least once every year (usually in April or May), SCAG convenes the General Assembly to bring together the official representatives of SCAG's... Learn More >>

Transportation Committee

The role of the Transportation Committee is to study problems, programs and other matters which pertain to the regional issues of mobility, air... Learn More >>

Community, Economic & Human Development Committee

The role of the Community, Economic and Human Development Committee is to study problems, programs and other matters which pertain to the regional... Learn More >>

Energy & Environment Committee

The Energy & Environment Committee considers environmental and energy issues of regional significance, including but not limited to air quality,... Learn More >>

Legislative / Communications & Membership Committee

The Legislative/Communications and Membership Committee provides guidance and recommendations to the Regional Council regarding legislative matters... Learn More >>

Active Transportation Subcommittee

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee provides guidance regarding internal and external audit issues and implementing Best Practices. Administrative Staff... Learn More >>

Bylaws & Resolutions Committee

Goods Movement Subcommittee

Nominating Committee

High-Speed Rail and Transit Subcommittee

Public Health Subcommittee

RHNA and Housing Element Reform Subcommittee

Sustainability Subcommittee

Transportation Finance Subcommittee

Active Transportation Working Group

Aviation Technical Advisory Committee

Open Space Conservation Working Group

Public Health Working Group

Regional Transit Technical Advisory Committee

Modeling Task Force

The Modeling Task Force (MTF) coordinates the Region's various modeling programs and provides a forum to share model-related information, new ideas,... Learn More >>

Technical Working Group

Transportation Conformity Working Group