Transportation Conformity Working Group (TCWG)

The Transportation Conformity Working (TCWG) is a forum to support interagency coordination to maintain transportation conformity and help improve air quality in Southern California.

The group meets on a monthly basis to facilitate an inclusive transportation/air quality planning process and to fulfill the interagency consultation requirements of the Federal Transportation Conformity Rule. The group helps resolve regional issues pertaining to transportation conformity and coordinates with and supports the Statewide Transportation Conformity Working Group.

Membership of the SCAG’s TCWG includes federal (US EPA, FHWA, FTA), state (ARB, Caltrans), regional (Air Quality Management Districts, SCAG), and sub-regional (County Transportation Commissions) agencies and other stakeholders.​

Agendas & Minutes
Agendas and minutes of current and past TCWG meetings
Project Level Conformity
List of current and past PM hot-spot interagency review forms, qualitative analyses, quantitative analyses, and TCWG concurrences
Regional Conformity Determinations
Transportation conformity determinations on current RTP/SCS and FTIP
Transportation Control Measures
Legal and regulatory TCM requirements and guidance, TCMs in the SCAG region, and current and past TCM substitutions
Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy
SCAG’s current and past RTP/SCS
Federal Transportation Improvement Program
SCAG’s current and past FTIP
Air Quality Management Plans
Current and past AQMPs/SIPs in the SCAG region
Air Quality Planning Program
SCAG's Air Quality Planning Program coordinates with various air quality and transportation stakeholders in Southern California to ensure compliance with the federal and state air quality requirements.
Resources & Links
Links to federal, state, and regional transportation and air quality agencies, major university and resource centers, and non-governmental organizations